It’s the accurate details of craftsmanship that set aishwarya interiors pvt ltd original, verification of the skills and perfectionist era of our craftsmen and women. The carefully smoothed and sanded finish that creates our famous mirror-finish high gloss lacquer surfaces. The pristine alignment of doors, drawers and worktops. we combine traditional craftsmanship with the best of modern technology for a perfect kitchen that will be a delight to touch, use and work in. Now, and for years to come.

1. Eminent Expertise

Aishwarya interiors pvt ltd craftsmanship is renowned throughout Bangalore. Many of our skilled and expert designers and craftsmen have been with us since we started the company, and now they help to pass on their expertise and skills to the next generation. The extent of skill across the company means we can make the foremost use of modern materials and technology and turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

2. Innovation with Tradition

At Aishwarya interiors pvt ltd, our techniques combines the best of modern technology with craft skills. State of the art German made cutting and pasting equipment ensures perfect accuracy time after time, yet every finished Aishwarya kitchen is also the result of skilled craftsmanship. Naturally, testing and quality control ensure that every stage of the process is up to perfectionist standards. For each of our clients, the outcome is a bespoke kitchen made to unsmatched standards.

3. An Investment in Time

Each kitchen is made to measure and built to an individual order. Every cupboard, drawer and cabinet is hand-assembled and checked number of times during its production. The results of their hard work will continue to look remarkable and work beautifully for decades to come.

Meet the story of a 14-year Aishwarya kitchen in bangalore.