Aishwarya Kitchen is built to order. Our experienced and expert designers start with plain sheet of paper – and the customer’s requirements. The lifestyle of each client is considered before our expert and skilled designers begin to create a smart kitchen that is tailored designed for the space and the people who will use it. Every cabinet, drawer and worktop is built to the accurate dimensions of the client’s home at our factory using latest German made homag machines in Bangalore.That’s why every Aishwarya kitchen is as individual as our clients are.

1. Customized perfection

We have created Aishwarya kitchens for all kinds of homes in all over Bangalore. Whatever the size and architecture of the built environment, our expert and skilled designers start with a plain sheet of paper and start work from there, taking full consideration of the space and the client’s preferred design theme to create a beautiful ,unique, individual kitchen. Whatever the style, we aim for perfection.

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2. Endless possibilities

The vast variety of materials, colours and finishes are available in the aishwarya kitchen range, intergrated with the display production of every cabinet, means that no two aishwarya kitchens will ever be the same. As well as our variety of finishes and shades, which are inspired by natural,modern , tradional colours .The possibilities are infinite.

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3. Made to measure

Whatever the dimensions of a customer’s kitchen, we make our cabinets and worktops to fit – accurately. many a times, rooms are seldom a standard diemensions, exact width, length or height so aishwarya interior’s skill to make bespoke cabinets and drawers to accurate dimensions excludes tricky gaps or unused corners. This means that every millimetre of space in a practical kitchen is put to good use, for a calm, technical,logical and enjoyable cooking and living environment.

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