Detailed Perfection

At Aishwarya Interiors pvt ltd, the closer one looks, the more there is to appreciate. An aishwarya kitchen is exceptional both for its innovative design and the perfectionist eye that goes into every detail. We use a fusion of advanced German engineering and the kind of individual observation that can only come from skilled craftsmanship.The result is a kitchen that is exceptional in every way, built for individuals who demand the very optimum.

1. Strength with Flexibility

The adjustable shelves feature solid metal supports that can stand up to substantial loads of up to 50 kg per square metre – far more than the heaviest crockery, pans or appliances could ever place on them. The innovative locking mechanism in solid steel locks the shelf into place so that it adds to the strength of the cabinet, yet clients can change the position of the shelves as their storage needs change. Our cabinets also feature solid back panels, so they are able to stand up to a lifetime’s use.

2. Exclusive Solutions

Our drawer runners are positioned beneath the drawer itself, maximising interior space and enabling more items to be stored within it. To make the best use of this space, Aishwarya interiors pvt ltd offers a vast range of options for utensils ,cutlery, spices, and host of other purposes.

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3. Servodrive

Aishwarya interiors pvt ltd focuses to provide its clients with charm in every detail. The Servodrive closing mechanism makes using your Aishwarya kitchen a daily pleasure. A gentle touch is all that is required for the drawers and pull-outs to return to the closed position quickly and quietly. Currently, the latest trend is handle-less kitchens. You can implement this trend, for example, with electric SERVO-DRIVE. As a result, handle-less fronts open at a single touch. They close again softly and effort- lessly with soft-close BLUMOTION. Another innovation is personalized drawer sides. With LEGRABOX free , you can choose between various materials such as leather, metal or glass – to suit your requirements and personal taste. The choice of materials not only gives you scope for design. It is practical, too. Take the SPACE TOWER larder unit for example. Using glass design elements gives you clear visibility of contents.
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4. Hinges

At Aishwarya Interiors pvt ltd, even the hinges are of a spectacle engineering. Adjustable in 3 planes, they allow doors to be perfectly aligned. High-strength metal and a thicker pivot pin mean that they’ll be provable to a lifetime’s use.

5. Light and Clear

Interior lights for the wall units and drawer units that switch on automatically when the wall unit and drawer is opened provide bright and clear illumination, even in the furthest corners. This thoughtful design detail saves time and bother when searching for little-used items at the back of a wall unit and drawer.