Every Aishwarya kitchen is a bespoke creation, designed and built to meet the needs of each individual client. This uniqueness can be expressed both in the way the space is used and in the materials, colours and finishes chosen for it. The vast variety of choice is exceptional – Aishwarya kitchen designer can show how the many options in finish and material enable each customer to achieve their ideal kitchen within their parameters of space and budget.

1. Selecting your Finish

Every one of the Aishwarya interiors colours comes in a vast choice of finishes which can make a remarkable difference to the visual impression of the finished kitchen. The choice of finish enables you to create a a subtle difference effect and mood through the use of light, from the softness of matt finish to the mirror-like effect of high gloss.

Visit the nearest Aishwarya interiors pvt ltd studio and find inspiration in the kitchens and features on display.

2. A Range of Choice

Aishwarya interiors pvt ltd’s range of wide range 0f colours that has been thoughtfully selected by our design team, to be complementary to the Aishwarya ranges as well as appealing to the eye. All colours are complementary to each other so they can be combined in a complete kitchen or living space in order to achieve a desired effect. However, if the shade a customer has in mind isn’t covered in our range we also offer a colour matching service, and can make our doors and cabinets in any colour covered in the Aishwarya interiors pvt ltd’s range of wide range colour spectrum.

3. Endless Possibilities

There are various styles you can choose from when planning your dream kitchen, with Acrylic, Polymer, Membrane , solid wood or glass fronts and numerous handle types. Superior comfort is guaranteed by sophisticated storage solutions from Blum and technical innovations by Hafele, such as the kitchen island with its continuously variable height adjustment function. Our design elements create an especially cosy environment in your kitchen, and can be perfectly integrated into the kitchen and provide room for decorative accessories.That’s why every Aishwarya kitchen is as individual as our clients are.