Our Methodology

1. Client requirement information

Ask for a home visit from one of our designer, they’ll take care accurate measurements and get an idea of what you want from your new kitchen. Or, if you’ve already brought us your measurement, we can double-check them if you want us to. The designer you first meet will be your personal designer, they will look after your project from start to finish. So you’ll always have one point of contact.
and don’t worry – a home survey doesn’t mean added pressure – it’s a totally no obligation appointment. Our designers never sell in the home, they’re only interested in taking measurements and finding out exactly what you are looking for.

2. Smart design

Our designers only design smart homes, which makes them experts. And they’re always aware of the latest, technologies and design possibilities. Having seen and measured your space at home, your personal designer can design your kitchen to work as ergonomically and efficiently as possible.
Using the latest 3D software, we’ll create a computer generated image of how your kitchen will appear: giving you the chance to see it from all angles and discuss ideas. A smart Design is ane that takes into account your tstes. your passions, your interests and your budget, as well as the space you have.

3. Personalisation

First of all, we’ll agree your kitchen layout, then we can also begin to look at ways of personalising your kitchen. We know you don’t want your kitchen to look like everyone else’s. There are hundreds of ways to make your kitchen really ‘yours’ – different worktops, innovative appliances, ingenious storage solutions, lighting and tiling. The whole point of our personalised service is so your kitchen really fits you and your lifestyle.

4. Made to order

All aishwaryainteriors interior design are made-to-order so you know you’re getting someting made to your exact requirements. We’ve got our own manufacturing plant – the only one of its kind in Bangalore – and we only begin to make your customised designs after your order has been placed.

5. Installation

No one fits a kitchen quite like our installer. They’ve got as much expertise in our products as anyone, so you can really trust them to fit everything to the highest standards.
Installation starts with a pre-fit technical survey to make sure we really understand what your installation will involve. Unlike many other companies, our installation includes as complete ‘wet fit’, which means that we can also take care of any gas, electrics and plumbing requirements that arise from fitting your new kitchen. aishwaryainteriors’s approved installers know our kitchens inside out, so they get the job done quickly and efficiently. Once your kitchen is installed, you’ll receive a 12 month workmanship warranty.

6. Home check

If you choose our service, our designer will contact you within 14 days and visit you to check that you’re happy with everything.If there is something you’re not happy with, our designer will help you get it sorted out straight away. You’ll then be given a 5 years warranty* on kitchen cabinets for complete piece of mind.

7. Smart care

Smart Care is the ultimate in after scales care. It’s designed to improve trust and confidence for customers who choose Aishwarys Interiors. We think it’s better to visit all our customers one year after purchase, and then we can make sure your itchen is performing exactly as it should.
On completion you’ll receive a full written report along with tips for helping to keep your kitchen in great shape for years to come.
We give your kitchen a full examination, from top to bottom. We’ll check out the alignment of your cabinets and make sure your hinges are still smooth. We’ll look at your plumbing fittings and the condition of the sealant.