Tips for Buying Kitchen

Buying and installing a new kitchen is a big event for a family. Not all of us have the expertise to judge the different models on the market. Catalogues with their pretty pictures and short, captivating texts do nothing to explain all the products in detail.

It is so easy to be swept away by the enthusiasm and excitement for your new purchase. We are often just taken with the appeal of its design or of the product’s image and the settings and arrangements in the showrooms. We should really be spending time studying the features and facts we need to know to make a rational, informed choice and avoid disappointments in the future. It ’s no fun to buy a new kitchen that you really like only to realize later that it doesn’t fully satisfy your needs.

Aishwarya Interiors would like to provide you with some practical advice and technical information that will put you in a position to make a really informed purchase.

Never buy based on love at first sight. Do compare with other models and other brands.

Experience shows that a kitchen will last about 15 years or longer. However, it still has to prove its worth in day-to-day use. So it’s important that it not only looks good but is practical too. Good preparation when buying a kitchen helps you to make sensible decisions. That way, you support your kitchen planner in designing a kitchen adapted to your wishes. Here you will find some practical tips for buying your kitchen.

Quality Marks

One thing that helps you understand product value is the presence of national or international certification. These are awarded after having carried out stringent tests and they certify the quality and safety of a product. Certification is especially important for electrical appliances.

How can I tell one kind of certification from another?

Consumers today are confused by the wide variety of certifications at hand. There is so much information available that we end up making errors in judgment, instead of recognizing product quality. There is a bewildering number of new quality marks that make it hard to distinguish between quality standards for the manufacturing process or for a product from trademarks used for advertising. When we took a careful look at the matter, we found that the subject is very complicated.

We will try to summarise it for you in the next few pages.

Approval marks can be classified in various categories:
1. Process quality marks
2. Product quality marks
3. Self-certification marks
4. Trademarks
5. Environmental-protection marks

Planning Your Kitchen

Falling in love with a kitchen in a showroom is easy; that’s where it shows off its best side. But move it somewhere else and a kitchen may not have the same feel at all. So before you buy, make sure you get an accurate plan that makes the most rational use of the space available.

The plans should come from suggestions by a planner you trust and not from an endless comparison of prices that are based on standard solutions often lacking important functional elements. A planner’s work is very delicate and only a good professional knows how to find the right balance that will make your kitchen beautiful and functional.

Before buying a new kitchen, do ask a good planner to plan it meet to your needs.

Plinths, Feet or Wall-hung Units?

Kitchen units with plinths

Advantages: any dirt that accumulates under the kitchen is out of view. All the space is exploited apart from a few centimetres above the floor. It is easy to integrate a dishwasher.

Disadvantages: Even if you can’t see it, dirt accumulates under the unit anyway because the plinth isn’t sealed. It isn’t easy to clean under the kitchen. Perfect hygiene cannot be assured at all times.

Kitchen units with feet

Advantages: checking and cleaning under the units is easier so that greater hygiene is assured. Units with feet look lighter and more graceful. Better efficiency of floor heating.
Disadvantages: With 60-cm base units, there is less space available. Only a few dishwasher models are available for H60-cm base units. A dishwasher can be installed in 72-cm base units only if it can be adapted to the support.

Wall-hung units

Advantages: cleaning under the units is troublefree. The unit raised from the floor creates matchless elegance and a feeling of utter lightness. Better efficiency of floor heating.

Disadvantages: Storage space is reduced in 60-cm high base units. It is not possible to fit the equipped back section and therefore exploit the 80-cm depth. There is a limited number of dishwasher options.

Make sure that the unit height fits your own height, whatever model you choose.

How to Choose the Right Elements?

If you want to buy a high quality kitchen, look for units that you can adapt to your taste, needs and space.

If you want to customise your project, the range of pieces available is fundamental.

That’s why Aishwarya Interiors lets you pick the colours, finishes, sizes and materials just right for you. With thousands of items, there’s plenty to choose from! And if you still can’t find what you want, Aishwarya Interiors makes “custom-built” units to meet any need, in any style you like.

Look for a kitchen with a wide range of elements that will let you put together a customised, exclusive kitchen.

How to Choose the Right Colour?

Colours brighten up any room. So choose light colours that reflect the light – a pale yellow or green, for example, or white. You won’t get tired of them with time and they make the space you have look larger. Still, choice of colour is a very personal thing. Aishwarya Interiors has a vast range of gloss or matt lacquered, laminate and glass colours. And if you can’t find exactly what you want, at Aishwarya Interiors we will also lacquer our units based on a sample that you give us.

Choose light colours that you won’t get tired of and that will make your kitchen look brighter and larger.

Going Beyond the Latest Fashion

The lifetime of a kitchen doesn’t only depend on its physical and technical qualities. Sometimes, you decide to purchase a new kitchen simply because you want a new style. You end up throwing out products that still work well but are no longer the latest fashion. Try choosing akitchen with components that are not tied to passing fads. Pick models that are timeless because they have clean lines, simple forms and much attention has been paid to detail. Avoid purchasing kitchens that have only square or rounded forms just because they are the latest fad when you buy them. If you choose a kitchen with square forms, “soften” it with a few curves here and there. If you want a refined look, steer clear of complicated, elaborate shapes that are tiring with time. Instead, why not look at quality handicraft work, like inlays, that give warmth to a room and create a cosy atmosphere that will age well and that you will grow to love more as time goes by.

Along with technical quality think carefully about how you want your kitchen to look and try to avoid the latest fad.

What’s Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is another important factor in choosing a kitchen. Ergonomics is the science that studies our interaction with the spaces we live and work in and the objects we use. A kitchen is the place where a great deal of daily activity takes place: we prepare and cook food and then we eat it there. All this is easier if we have everything at hand and we can move freely and comfortably without getting tired. But that is often impossible because our kitchen furniture doesn’t meet our physical needs.

When you buy a new kitchen, it’s easy to get carried away by the enthusiasm of the way it looks in a showroom. Instead, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at other features. That way you can choose rationally, and you won’t be forced to spend your life in a kitchen where you are obliged to get into awkward positions that may damage your posture and health.

Ergonomics: kitchen cabinets made to fit you

Don’t you like to try something out before you buy it?
Who would ever consider buying a car without taking it for a test drive? Or buying a new suit without trying it on? And you can adjust the seats in cars and the height of the steering wheel, while a suit costs much less than a new kitchen.